Feed can be expensive. For us, we were desperate to find a great solution to making sure our horses weren't playing with their food, dragging it around, and ruining it before it could be consumed. We stumbled up Hayhuts and we're so excited to be a dealer of these amazing pieces!


Here's a list we came up with why you should have a Hay Hut for your horses!
2. SAVES HAY - by eliminating wastage due to bad weather and messy horses
3. SAVES MONEY - by reduced expenditure on hay and labor
4. SAVES TIME - usable life of hay bales is extended significantly
5. SAVES LABOR - extended times between feeding.
6. ALL WEATHER PROTECTION - very little rain or snow ingress through windows
7. REDUCED CLEAN UP - horses completely empty it and any outside excess.
8. SIZE - Sized to fit the largest (1600 lbs /6') round bale rolls, 20 square bales or big square
    bales all on pallets or ground protection
9. ZERO MAINTENANCE - No metal to rust, break or get bent
10. DOES NOT RUST - because it is strong polyethylene plastic
11. VERY SAFE FOR HORSES - no sharp metal edges or tubes to rust / bend / break and
      impale horses
12. VERY HORSE FRIENDLY - no bars for horses heads or hooves to get caught in. No sharp
      corners or metal ends.
13. COVERED AND ENCLOSED HAY FEEDER - minimizes rain and snow damage to hay
14. FITS EASILY IN A PICK-UP TRUCK FOR PURCHASE - up to 6 halves can be loaded.
15. EASY TO ASSEMBLE - wide joining flange ribs allow plenty of room for fingers and wrenches
      and supplied hardware.
16. EASY TO MOVE - CAN BE LIFTED OR TOWED - lifting ring supplied and vertical ribs are
      chamfered to act as skids.
17. GREAT STABILITY - wide footprint and big bottom rib stops horses pushing them around
      or over.
18. GREAT WIND RESISTANCE - low center of gravity minimizes wind effects.
19. WIDE FEEDING WINDOWS - 14" width for large horses
20. CONCEALED LOWER HARDWARE - for safety and nothing to catch on
21. NO TRACTOR REQUIRED - easy one person operation to tip and flip back over
22. LOVED BY HORSES - for constant supply of hay - they never chew, push, lift or
      kick. They eat the hay instead.
23. ELIMINATES BALE BICKERING - Alpha mares quickly realise the futility of chasing around
      Hayhuts hay feeders.
24. ONE YEAR WARRANTY - against manufacturing / material defects.
25. KEEPS HORSES CONTENT - once they realise they have a constant supply of hay they
      are happy to leave and return.
26. REDUCES OWNER ANXIETIES - and allows relief from constant feedings
27. GREAT RETURN ON INVESTMENT - can repay capital cost in six months and produce
      savings for many years.



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