We've learned first hand how amazing hemp can be for not only equine, but even ourselves. Improved focus, reduced anxiety, joint inflammation relief, quicker recoveries, and so much more. So, it's no wonder our Infusion Power is an absolute must when we're on the road for races. Having the powder be a regular supplement to Pocket's diet has not only boosted his focus before starting our circuits, but also helped recovery after races.

What we found when we tried using supplemental pellets with our horses was that far too many ended up scattered on the ground and trampled, and at the price tag we were paying - what a waste! We ended up finding this infusion powder coats the feed. Horses love it and it leads to less waste - more bang for your buck. 

The patented infusion powder is a great way to ensure that your equine is getting it's nutritional needs met. We can't recommend it enough!

4,500mg Infusion Powder
4,500mg Infusion Powder

4,500mg Infusion Powder


30 Day Supply Hemp Supplement.  Support your Horse's emotional health and physical well being with the many benefits of hemp.  Numerous studies have shown that Hemp Isolate can dramatically improve each of these factors by stifling anxiety, reducing inflammation, improving joint discomfort, and promoting general health.  This Product is specifically formulated as a complete supplement to promote wellness and vitality. No THC!

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